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repost [May. 15th, 2009|04:04 pm]
Aiwaz Thelema


I am wondering if anyone would like to assist me with technical or practical aspects of some particular magical working.

I have in mind the various details which I find most appropriate. It may help to clearly outline or 'spell out' the causes, motives and potential goals, to obtain a true answer and most efficacious production of effects, as desired.

I am calling for mystical, shamanic, Qabalistic, metaphysical, spiritual, or any possible psychological ramifications to meet discussion and ultimate realization.

Anyone might conceivably contribute or benefit from this shared effort, as their would be commonality in the distinctions to be made.

Literally or figuratively, materially or spiritually, in an abstract or a concrete sense, after the manner and fashion of the subject is defined, whether you be concerned to whatever degree you are capable, or involved to the extent which is only limited or restricted by your own innate properties and propensities, either personally, superficially, casually, intensely, fully, partially, temporarily, permanently, occasionally, or briefly and in mere passing- I trust the Universe to take care of it's own.

That be the impetus, stimulus, cause, inchoate and completely minimal- the seed of future growth.

Who will rise to the challenge of the occasion and join forces? Allies?